How do you shoot up adderall

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how to shoot up adderall - For serious addicts that inject their

How do you shoot up adderall

drugs, they find that the high is not as strong as they thought it would be. They
Best Answer: no. inside the capsule are little orange beads, you can crush them and snort it, but cant melt it and shoot it. if you dont like to snort things, just .
How do you shoot up adderall? ChaCha Answer: You cannot shoot up Adderall. You are supposed to take it like a normal pill and only in.
don't shoot it, snort it. if it's xr (little balls inside) you probably don't want to snort---that stuff gets caught and tears up your nose. otherwise, crush, get a .
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You should not dissolve adderall in anything that is acidic. This can cause stomach damage. The best way to dissolve it is in aobut 2 to 3. view more.
Related Questions. Can you shoot up Adderall 20 mg capsule pills? No. It is EXTREMELY dangerous to use prescription drugs in an. How do you shoot up adderall?

Having seen Requiem a good number of times i am somewhat hesitant about shooting up. Two 20 mg adderall IR tablets were crushed and placed in a small glass.
I deleted that last answer because it is very dangerous. Dont shoot up anything. Your going to get yourself killed.
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